Kienna Shaw (she/they)
TTRPG creator, storyteller, explorer, illuminator
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Freelance writing and design

Kienna has contributed to a wide variety of TTRPG projects as a freelance designer, focusing on adventure/scenario and setting writing.
For project inquiries or detailed portfolio pieces, please contact via email at for the link.

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Self-Published Indie games

On top of contracted freelance work, Kienna self-publishes games and TTRPG supplements that focus around themes of self-introspection, relationships, change, humanity and transhumanism, and discovery. Each of them aims to create thoughtful and fun experiences of connection with other people, the game, or yourself.

TTRPG Safety Toolkit

Kienna is the co-curator (with Lauren Bryant-Monk) of the gold ENnie winning TTRPG Safety Toolkit, a free and living resource compiling a variety of safety/support tools created by people from around the TTRPG space.

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Streaming and academic work

Kienna has been a TTRPG streamer since 2017, both being on the front-end as a cast member player/GM and on the production side doing admin and organization for channels. She was the co-founder and co-producer of Salty Sweet Games with Lauren Erwin.During the fourth year of their Bachelor of Knowledge Integration, Kienna created the Dungeons & Dragons and Livestreaming thesis project, which examined the impact of audience on storytelling in TTRPG streams.


Kienna can be found all over the internet, doing a variety of TTRPG and writing related things.

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Freelance Portfolio

For the link to detailed portfolio pieces, please contact at

  • Bleak Spirit (2019) - scenario writer, "The Forgotten Garden"

  • Harper's Tale (2019) - adventure writer, "Where Flowers Bloom"

  • Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim (2020) - safety/support section contributor

  • The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book (2020) - game contributor, "With Sword Heavy in Hand"

  • Hearts of Wulin (2021) - setting writer, "Silk and Steam"

  • Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall (2021) - setting writer and scenario designer, "Chaos at the Cooking Club"

  • Sea of Legends V1 (2021) - lead adventure writer

  • Candlekeep Mysteries (2021) - adventure writer, "The Curious Tale of Wisteria Vale"

  • Starforged (2021) - safety mechanics designer

  • DIE: The Roleplaying Game (2022) - safety consultant and magic circle writer

  • CY_BORG Asset Pack (2022) - location writer, "Spa Retreat" location

  • The Rumor Broker's Ledger of Names (2022) - NPC writer

  • Anansi's Tapestry of Lives (2022) and Anansi's Journal of Common Places (2022) - NPC and setting writer

  • Apocalypse Keys (2022) - location and scenario writer, "The Department of Change"

  • Cloud Empress (2023) - adventure writer, "Labyrinth of the Bride"

  • REAP (2024) - adventure writer, "Carian"

  • Land of Eem (2024) - adventure writer, "True Love’s Kidnapping"

  • Pathfinder Lost Omens: Tian Xia World Guide (2024) - writer

  • DIE RPG Scenarios Vol 1: Bizarre Love Triangles (2024) - safety consultant

  • The Shape of Shadows (TBA) - writer

  • Pathfinder Lost Omens: Tian Xia Character Guide (TBA) - writer

  • Vineyard RPG (TBA) - narrative lead and dossier writer, "The Confessor"

Self Published Works

  • Life in the Machine (2019) - two-player micro RPG for the Emotional Mecha Jam

  • Before the Tower Falls (2019) - solo micro RPG

  • Heaven Nor Hell (2019) - micro RPG for the Pride Month: Tabletop Gaymes jam

  • To Hell & Back Again (2019) - DMs Guild solo adventure co-written with Donathin Frye

  • Lulu's Guide to Hollyphants (2019) - DMs Guild supplement of hollyphant player character options and lore

  • Oh Maker (2019) - Descended from the Queen game co-written with Jason Cutrone

  • Come Home (2020) - three-player micro RPG for the Ad Astra Jam

  • Into Blue Midnight (2020) - two-player game for the Wretched and Alone jam

  • Way Down Below (2020) - solo Descended from the Queen journaling game co-written with Jason Cutrone

  • As My Body Crumbles (2020) - solo journaling game co-written with Jason Cutrone

  • With My Last Undying Breath (2021) - solo journaling game for the BIPOC Vampire jam

  • Arcon (2021) - system agnostic cyberpunk setting co-written with Jason Cutrone and published in partnership with Metal Weave Games

  • The Test of High Sorcery (2022) - DMs Guild solo adventure co-written with Donathin Frye